Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Volunteers Return from Mexico Mission

On Monday, May 31st a team of volunteers from Cypress Church returned from a three day mission trip to serve disadvantaged children in the Ensenada, Mexico area. There were more than twenty Orange County residents in the group from six different families. The mission trip was led by Dan Punkay. Other participants included Mike Chai and his family as well as Tom and Kimberly Anderson and the Paris and Takazawa families. All age groups from elementary school to adults were represented.

This is the fourth year that volunteers from Cypress Church have partnered with YUGO Ministries to hold a two day Vacation Bible School in the community of Lomas Bonitas. This neighborhood is located in the mountains on the edge of Ensenada. More than 100 children from town participated in the weekend activities that included: arts, crafts, games, singing, piggy back rides, breaking a piƱata, spirited soccer competition and Bible verses acted out as a play.

Dan Punkay gave the Sunday sermon in Spanish at the local *Centro Cristiano Jehova Jire* church while his son Andrew translated the message into English. Global Missions Coordinator Takeshi Takazawa and his family were part of the mission team. He stated: *This ministry effort is specially designed for volunteers to work together as a family unit to serve people in need and develop relationships.*

The community of Lomas Bonitas is unique in that the residents are immigrants from southern Mexico. There is no running water or natural gas service. The roads are dirt and in very poor condition and local wage is about $6.00 for a full day of labor. Families do not own homes and they live in one room structures provided for them by *Centro Cristiano Jehova Jire* and Yugo Ministries.

While the parents are working, Pastors Juan and Karina Ambrocio provide programs for the children in town. Many of the young people have never had a picture of themselves. The Cypress Church team brought cameras and a printer and were able to provide children with individual photographs to keep. In addition the team brought medical and sanitary supplies for the community.

Yugo Ministries has been taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people of Mexico since 1964. They train and host youth, adult and family teams from the U.S. and Canada to work in cross-cultural evangelistic, construction, and mercy ministry efforts. Cypress Church partners with missions organizations around the globe to spread the Good News about Jesus Christ to the world with actions as well as words. This summer other teams from the Buena Park and Cypress area will travel to Ecuador, India and New Orleans to assist needy individuals and families.

Information about global mission opportunities is available at (714) 952-3001 or email: info@cypresschurch.net. The Cypress Church campus is located at 6143 Ball Road just east of Valley View. Worship services are held on Sundays at 8:45 and 10:30 a.m. Bible studies and activities for all ages are available. The church website is located at: http://www.cypresschurch.net/

Photo Caption: Global Missions Coordinator Takeshi Takazawa was part of a team of volunteers that travelled from Cypress Church to the Ensenada Mexico area to hold a two day Vacation Bible School for needy children.

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