Friday, January 11, 2013

Did you use “S.O.A.P.” this morning?

Did you use “S.O.A.P.” this morning? Your response is probably a resounding “Yes!” And you are probably a little offended that anyone would even ask that question.

But, from a Christian perspective, everyone starts out needing to use “S.O.A.P.” The prophet Isaiah said in the Bible: “All of us have become like one who is unclean, and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags..." But later Jesus told his followers: “You are already clean because of the word I have spoken to you.” God’s Word has a cleansing property for all of us.

A big part of being a Christian is becoming familiar with the Bible, God’s Word, and then taking action based on what you learn. At Cypress Church we suggest the “S.O.A.P.” method of studying Scripture. “S.O.A.P” is an acronym for Scripture, Observation, Action and Prayer. This concept for Bible study was pioneered by Pastor Wayne Cordeiro of New Hope Christian Fellowship in Honolulu Hawaii. Here is how you can use the "S.O.A.P" method as you read and study your Bible:

First: Find a quiet time and space to study God's Word, preferably at the same time each day. Many people find that reading scripture in the morning helps get their day off to a great start with a proper focus. Before you open "The Book," pray that God will speak to you and help you understand what you are reading.

Next, read the scripture passage (the "S" step). Don’t just skim through it, but really think about what it means. Imagine what the people involved were experiencing. Write down a verse or two that really stood out to you in your journal.

The next step is to complete the “O” by writing down observations about the scripture you just read. What is happening in the passage? What verse or concept sucks with you? How do the verses you are studying fit in with the context of the rest of the Bible? You may want to write your own summary of the passage, but more importantly, think about what God has to say to you through this part of His Word.

Now it is time to complete the “A” by writing down how this Bible passage applies to you right now, in your daily life. Just reading the Bible and believing it is true will not change your life unless you take God's Word and make a specific application to you, right now, today. Maybe God has challenged you about a specific attitude or action. Decide what you will do to follow through with what you have learned.

Finally, complete the “P” through prayer. Talk to God about what He has just led you to discover. If you are unsure, ask Him to give you insight. It may help to write out your prayer. This is a personal message from you to God, so don’t worry about getting the perfect words down. Just make it honest and heartfelt. Remember that God always listens, and already knows your needs. He just wants to hear from you.

As you use the "S.O.A.P." method, you are inviting God's Holy Spirit to interact with you and empower you to move forward in a direction that is pleasing to God. “S.O.A.P.” is a vital element in living the Christian life and the objective is for God’s Word to move us into action. From January 13 through February 23, 2013 Cypress Church is focusing on spiritual growth through service during their “Love Like Jesus” campaign.

The "Love Like Jesus" campaign at Cypress Church is all about service. In the words of Pastor Mike McKay: “It's great to preach about it, pray about it, read about it, but there is something missing in all this - actually doing it!”

Everyone is welcome at Cypress Church for Sunday worship and Bible study at 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. The main campus is located at 6143 Ball Road in Cypress, CA just east of Valley View. For information on how you can participate in "Love Like Jesus" with the rest of the Cypress Church family you may contact our staff at (714) 952-3001.

Photo Caption: Pastor Mike McKay of Cypress Church says the “Love Like Jesus” campaign will: “…be a wonderful time of encouragement, challenge, learning, and practicing loving like Jesus.”

To download the "Love Like Jesus" Devotional Guide please click HERE

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